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The Big Skate Out

December 15, 2014

We will be headlining a massive afternoon of local talent! there will be music, skate comps, giveaways, prizes, and a light show!


August 21, 2014

We will be featured on this years PROGFEST compilation CD. The compilation features two discs with over twenty artists and will be handed out FREE at all Progfest shows!

Go to the PROGFEST facebook page to check out all the upcoming dates!

Here's the tracklist:

1 Closure In Moscow (VIC) - Pink Lemonade
2 Voyager (WA) - Hyperventilating
3 Caligula's Horse (QLD) - A Gift To Afterthought
4 Cat Or Pillar (VIC) - Blood Is Our Water
5 Alithia (VIC) - Tribulations Rise
6 Mushroom Giant (VIC) - Primaudial Soup
7 Orsome Welles (VIC) - Want You To Know
8 Qlayeface (VIC) - House of Sand
9 Enlight (VIC) - Voices
10 Lucid Recess (India) - Wireless Junkies
11 Favour The Brave (SA) - No Words
12 Therein (QLD) - Comprehension
13 Series (VIC) - The Effort Made

1 Three Wise Monkeys (NSW) - Acheron
2 Jova (NSW) - Curse Of Cortes
3 Monstrom (NSW) - The B-Team
4 Flying Giant (NSW) - A Timely Space
5 Kick The Butterfly (QLD) - Catharsis
6 The Moonling (Switzerland) - Backstage
7 Marosi Di Buriana (NSW) - Bees From The East
8 Feick's Device (NSW) - The Bone Boiler
9 Violet Shift (QLD) - Trapped In Limbo
10 Free Burn (VIC) - The Good Captain
11 Watchmoore (NSW) - Fractures
12 Shadow Republic (NSW) - The Sentence
13 Tux (VIC) - Ocho
14 Myyth (VIC) - Relics
15 Sarspell (VIC) - Scorched to Ashes

We are invading Queensland!

August 19, 2014

We will be accompanying fellow local rockers The Outcome and He Danced Ivy for a massive show at VIBE in Queensland's Indooroopilly.


Doors open 7:20pm

Tickets are $15

DIVERSITY Launch Night

June 26, 2014

We will be kicking off the show at the launch of the new and exciting DIVERSITY at the Plantation Hotel. Starting from the 4th of July, on every Friday the Planto will host a variety of acts in all genres. From live bands to EDM and everything in between. Don't miss this massive launch night for what will surely be a great addition to the Coffs Coast music scene!


Tickets are only $10 and selling fast!


We start the show at 9pm!



BLUNT Magazine

April 24, 2014

Our song 'Houdini' has been featured in this month's Blunt Magazine. The song appears on the Mish Mosh compilation CD as track 5. Get into your local newsagent and pick up one of these babies and sample some great independent music

April 10, 2014

Here they are, the glorious photos taken by Trav Shadows from out EP launch!

Closure in Moscow - Pink Lemonade Tour

April 8, 2013

We are happy to announce that we will be supporting Closure in Moscow on their upcoming Pink Lemonade tour. We will be playing on their Coffs show at the Coffs Hotel on Thursday the 29th of March. Alongside us will be fellow local rockers The Outcome.


April Shows Announced

March 31, 2014

We will be playing two free shows this April at two great upcoming events.


Saturday 12th - CHYFM Youth Week event *FREE* @ Coffs City Square


Wednesday 16th - Headspace Check Your Head Youth Music Festival *FREE for 12-25 y/o* @ Coffs Harbour Showgrounds


Hope to see you all there!



March 22, 2014

Words fail to express how stoked we are with last night!


There are so many of you amazing people who made this possible.


Most importantly thank you to every single one of you who came out to watch the show and support your local bands! The crowd was fucking awesome and had a great vibe.


Thanks to our fantastic support bands He Danced Ivy and The Heartless for shredding that stage and getting everyone warmed up for us! You boys killed it!


Huge thanks to all of our crew involved. It wasn't all smooth sailing and we are grateful to have such professionals on board to pull it all together! So thank you to everyone from Offbeat Operations, the Hoey Moey and our amazeballs lighting crew Phil and Caleb! Phil did a tremendous job and put a lot of effort in, and Caleb came all the way down from Brisbane only hours before the gig to save the day!


Travis Spencer, our photographer who drove up from Port Maquarie just to shoot our set. You're an absolute champ!!


Last but definitely not least, our super sexy merch girls did a phenomenal job with the merch desk all night! We are blown away with the response we got from everyone. So good to see our stickers and shirts getting around!


We are just so fucking happy to have celebrated this with everyone. It has been a year in the making so it is incredibly satisfying to have this completed and be able to share it with the world.


TL;DR: Fucking rad night. Fucking rad people. Fuck yeah.

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DEC 19

The Big Skate-out

Brelsford Skatepark



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